Beautiful beaded straps to accessorize any top or garment, It is not just an accessory; it is a Snap ME Strap!

Snap ME Straps are fashionable, sophisticated, elegant and simply stylish! You will definitely make a statement with our beaded fashionable straps. Our Snap ME Straps will add a touch of elegance and style to any strapless dress and strapless top. They are simply great with any garment you wish to accessorize. Wear that drop-dead gorgeous, little strapless black dress with confidence! You will be surprised of the many possibilities.

Snap ME Straps are NOT bra straps and they are not to be confused with any other straps in the industry. Our decorative straps were developed to be used on any garment you wish to accessorize to change a simple garment into an elegant and sophisticated outfit. Whether you are attending a dinner date or a special event, you will enjoy and love wearing our Snap ME Straps. It is easy, simple and fun but most importantly they are affordable and convenient. Let’s say you have an event tonight and have no time to go home and change outfits, you went to work today and are wearing this nice sleeveless top with a jacket over. The solution is simple; take our Snap ME Strap and just accessorize that top and there you have it! An elegant top and most importantly, it took you just less than one minute to put it on! It is easy, convenient, fun and you are guaranteed to make a statement wherever you go.

What makes our straps special is an essential piece and one that makes our designs unique and innovative. Each Snap ME Strap is beaded with top of the line ceramic, rubberized or crystal beads and they are to be “snapped on” the garment. This is possible because we are not using conventional hooks that can not be used on every garment; we are simply using a round 26mm magnetic snap on magnet. This magnet has the strength to stay “snapped on” without the inconvenience of having it come off. The magnet will make using our straps easy, exciting, fun and most importantly it will not ruing your clothes.

Even more exciting is that each Snap ME Strap is custom made! No other person will have the same piece and it is easy and simple to make your custom made order.

You have the following choices to select from:

Single Snap ME Strap

Double Wire Snap ME Strap

Y Back Snap ME Strap

Signature Snap ME Strap

Each piece is carefully assembled using top of the line beads and crystals. You will have versatility and you will definitely make a statement where ever you go. Our products are 100% guaranteed. We take pride on each of our designed straps and we are confident you will simply love our Snap ME Straps!

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